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Why Av Sales Group, Inc?

 How many times do you call a company only to get an answering machine? How many times do you email or call on a part only to find out that the unit is no longer available or worse never available? How frustrating, wasted time, wasted effort. At Av Sales Group we answer the phone, no digital assistants; you will get one of us every time. We will give you a price, a fair price with your first call. At Av Sales Group we have the parts we list. Our inventory is updated daily on the ILS and is accurate. Expertise; 25 years in the industry per employee. It’s just plane sense. 



  • No Competing inventory
  • No in house repair service
  • Finite timeframe for conversion
  • Full service end of conversion auction at our facility
  • Proactive sales method – unique to the industry
  • Direct Emails, targeted mailings, and website auctions for individual units
  • Proprietary listing of over 30,000 qualified buyers
  • Our only product
  • 25 years of Aviation experience
  • Daily reports available via our exclusive website portal in Excel format
  •  Competing Inventories
  • In house repair facilities and service
  • No defined time frame for asset recovery
  • No ability to auction material at end of transaction.
  • ILS sales team that waits for the phone to ring.
  • One of many projects – no full time support team.
  • No plan for the remaining material

 Benefits – Maximum return for your asset value with an absolute minimum of time expended by your personnel.  Av Sales Group in association with Starman Bros. Auctions is the only firm that can provide you with a finite timeframe for the conversion process, and unlike standard consignment agreements the material is sold via auction at the end of the agreed upon timeframe straight from our facility.  Our proactive sales approach starts from day one and goes through the entire sales effort.  Advertisements in trade publications, online auctions, and direct email and flyers to our proprietary listing of over 30,000 qualified buyers.  These are all in addition to the traditional methods of listing the material on ILS, Partsbase, APLS, Parts Logistics, Data Access, and IPLS and waiting for the phone to ring.

Our proactive sales approach is key to returning for you the highest returns per part possible.  Our 23-year history of success is second to none and we encourage you to check our references throughout the industry.  The Av Sales Group product is unique, and it was designed specifically for company’s to take advantage of when they have property to convert to cash that should not be taken directly to the auction block.  Av Sales Group is the only company that can provide you with a total solution to your aviation asset conversion needs.  Our services include; auctions of tooling, equipment, and GSE.  Twelve, eighteen and twenty-four month conversion of remaining aircraft inventory assets and final auction of inventory from our Monticello facility with no additional movement or cost to YOU!

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Av Sales Information

Av Sales Group, Inc.  3333 West Commercial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale Florida 33309.  Logistics and storage facilities are located in Monticello Florida.

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