At Av Sales Group you will receive personalized service.  Your call will not be answered by a "digital" assistant.  You will immediately speak to one of our professionals. We take pride in our ability to foster long-term relationships and have developed many over the years.

We offer the following services:

    • Parts for Daily and Heavy Maintenance Checks
    • Rotable Exchange and Repair Management
    • Inventory Consignment Sales
    • Excess/surplus package inventory purchase
    • Sales and purchase of consumable and expendables

Av Sales Group has a broad range of capabilities beyond aviation parts supply. We can utilize our experience across all aspects of the aviation supply chain business to assist you with achieving preferred objectives.

We do more than just "supply parts", we provide solutions. What differentiates us is over 20 years of digital data maintained by our inhouse staff of database professionals.  We believe our datastore to be the premier one in the industry. The availability of this information and our expertise in its use allows us to quickly locate and supply material and to support its customer's requirements.

Av Sales Group has been involved in hundreds of aircraft teardowns. We have successfully completed multiple tear-downs of aircraft built by various manufacturers. We consider ourselves part of your team as we service and repair your aircraft. We look forward to these challenges, and finding our customers the most cost effective solutions. We provide a world-class service program to keep our customers in the air and operating efficiently.